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We stock a huge variety of shapes and sizes of candle blanks.
We also have a dipping tank and can overdip any of these candles in a choice of over thirty colours, if required. Click here to view colours

Dinner Candles
22mm (7/8") diameter standard dinner candles, tapered or straight, in a variety of heights.
Church Pillar Candles
An extensive range of church pillar candles with a shaped top.
Ball Candles
Nine sizes of ball candle.
Egg Candles
Three sizes of egg candle.
Floating Candles
Floating candles in a variety of shapes and sizes, fragranced or unfragranced.
Multiwick Candles
Two ranges of three-wick candles.
Pillar Candles
An extensive range of pillar candles with a flat top in metric sizes and many colours.
Personalised Candles
We can add your bespoke design, logo or text to any of our candles.
Square Candles
A range of square candles in a variety of widths and heights.
Candle Accessories
Candle extinguishers (snuffers) and sharpeners.